Ultimate Guide to Social Signals in SEO

Social Signals are not directly a google ranking factor, but play a vital role in SEO indirectly. It’s crucial for your site’s branding, as well as support the backbone of your website’s off-page strategy. They impact your ranking indirectly, which we will discuss later in this article.

What are Social Signals?

Your website’s link shares, likes, and comments on any social media like Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc that overall social activities are known as social signals. This contributes to your ranking indirectly. These are very important when discussing social media marketing or social media optimization. But in the case of SEO, Some SEO experts feel this is a waste of time in SEO but it’s a reality that they help in SEO.

Are Social Signals a Ranking Factor?

As I told before these are not the direct google ranking factor. But it does not mean they can’t help rank. Many years ago Matt Cutts shared a video on Google Search Central Channel on Youtube and said this. This video is very old maybe Google started using it as a direct factor or maybe drop from indirect. But don’t worry we will discuss with some examples.

How Google Count in as an Indirect Factor

When your site is shared on any social media site it means people interact with it, People may visit your site and may link to your site. Now think when a visitor visits your site there are coming with several ranking factors; like session duration, retention, bound rate, and many more.

Bing And Social Signals in SEO

Yes, social signals are the direct ranking signals according to the Bing search engine. You are thinking that Bing doesn’t matter and it will never give you traffic. But let’s see the research there are 11 billion searches performed on bing every month. According to this Bing can send you a significant amount of traffic. So, it is worth it to get social signals for SEO.

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