How blogging works – 5 Steps Ultimate Guide for Beginners

how blogging works

Before you start blogging you must have to know about what is blogging.

What is Blogging?

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Blogging is a term use to manage blogs, update blogs and earn profit from it. Blogging can do an individual or a company as well.

when an individual will do blogging his purpose can be generating an ad revenue or making affiliate commission from his blogs and when a company will do blogging its purpose may selling its product or service and engaging its costumers. All the steps are discussed below in this article.

How Blogging Works?

I have divided Blogging into 5 steps. These will clear that what is blogging and how blogging works.

Find a Topic

Choose a Topic on which you have do blogging. I will publish more articles on how to find a profitable niche for a blog. And Which thing you must consider while finding a niche or topic.

Make a Blog

Set up a blog with domain, hosting, and cms.

CMS stands for content management system which manages all your content in your blog.

Writes Articles

When you set up and customize your blog then you must have write articles which are also called blog posts.

Don’t be worry if you don’t know how to write articles I will tell you this in the next posts.

Rank Blog Posts

When you wrote your articles on your blog so one thing you have to do is ranking of blog on google.

Without rank your blog it is not much profitable for you.

Earn your Money

So now you are at the step of earning through your blog. You can apply display ads on your blog or may affiliate through any company, sell the product and earn commission. Or you directly can sell your product to your blog readers.

How Blog Works

When you are learning about blogging so you must know about the working of a blog.

A blog is hosted on an online space which is called hosting or server. When you request any query or type a URL in your browser send your request to your network provider and your network sends a request to the server of that URL where it is hosted.

So server will send a reaponse to your network and your network to your browser.

This whole process may take some nanoseconds. This is all about a blog working


Blogging consists of all the above steps according to me. And keep in mind blog visitor is not only a number but real human beings. so writing articles on blogs will be talking to real humans.

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