14 Best Upcoming Smartphones – Potential of 2020 Smartphones

14 Best Upcoming Smartphones 2020 – Will be Best Smartphones in 2020?

Smartphone evolution is moving so fast, there’s always a wait within the wings. If you haven’t spied the newest handset soon, expect the subsequent big one.

Here we look at the phones that have not been launched yet, for the upcoming 2020. We will be updating this list on a regular basis, with device rumors that we think are credible and interesting.

As far as pre-launch handsets are concerned, we have developed some of the best smartphones for 2019 – which we consider to be the best of all platforms. If your budget is a little smaller, we also have budget smartphones for less than 200 budget features – and up to £ 400 in the middle range.

Nokia 8.2 5G

Nokia and Qualcomm are talking on affordable 5G handsets base99d on Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Series hardware. We know they are coming, but we don’t know too much about what these phones will offer – in addition to faster connection speeds. What has been confirmed is that we will get a 5G Nokia phone and it is likely to be showcased at MWC 2020. We suspect it will be called Nokia 8.2 because it is a mid-range phone waiting to be upgraded – and we think it will run the Snapdragon 765. Learn More about Nokia 8.2 5G

Samsung Galaxy S11

There is a flood of rumors for Samsung’s 2020 phones that we expect to see early around February or March. It said that the display in the punch hole was becoming smaller – the following path took the Note 10 – and that it would have an auto glow color, but the actual story is likely to be unified about 5G. Will SGS 11 offer only handsets that work on all bands? It was also thought that the camera module would grow on the back – larger cameras, it seems, are now a thing. Learn more about Samsung Galaxy S11.

Xiaomi Mi 10

Xiaomi has confirmed that the Mi 10 will launch in 2020 and an important detail has revealed – that it is going to be one of the first phones to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 platform. We doubt the Mi 10 will be announced ahead of the pack, perhaps for China in January, followed by a global launch in February. A little more is known right now, but we are also expecting a 108-megapixel camera. Learn more abou Xiaomi MI 10

Samsung’s second Fold

Samsung recently introduced its foldable device at MWC and it is reported that Apple has also patented its foldable smartphone technology. So it is expected that we may see Apple’s first foldable device in 2020.

Although the Galaxy fold is widely available, we can still be seen as a small folding phone from Samsung. There are rumors that Sammy is looking at a device similar to the Moto razor, turning it into a smaller square to make it truly usable. It is said to have a 6.7-inch display that basically folds in half so you can keep it away. Learn more about Samsung Second Fold

Huawei P40 & P 40 Pro

Huawei did not have an easy ride in 2019, but China still has a large market that is not affected by US trade restrictions that affect its trade in other regions of the world. Despite this, there is no news about future Huawei phones. We would expect it to develop the Mate 30 Pro as a new flagship device, but it is quieter than Huawei at the moment. Learn more abou Huawei P40 Series

Apple iPhone 5G

With the launch and exit of the iPhone 11 series, 5G remains the big question. Apple had said that it would not launch a 5G phone in 2019 and it did not – but long before there were rumors about the iPhone 2020 before the iPhone 11 surfaced – the iPhone 12. There is talk of a new square design, no notch, 5G No, and OLED displays for all three models. But is this just a fan wishlist? Learn more abou Apple iPhone 5G.

OnePlus 8

The design of the OnePlus 8 has already leaked – and it has got a punch-hole front camera on the display. Originally, it looked like a Samsung phone, with a curved display, punch hole, and a triple camera on the rear. We would expect this phone to be launched on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 hardware and possibly around April 2020.

OnePlus is introducing a new line of phones every year since the OnePlus 1 in 2014, it recently launched the OnePlus 7 & OnePlus 7 Pro and we can look forward to the OnePlus 8 next year.

It seems to come in two different models like the previous ones. It will have an improved camera and larger battery life as it will have a larger display. The 48MP camera on the OnePlus phone is not up to the mark so we expect the next phone to come with a camera that can capture high-quality content for all good photos.

We also hope that it will come with an HDR display so that users can enjoy watching and streaming videos. Read more about Oneplus 8

Apple iPhone SE 2

It comes around once every year, so we’re not sure about it – but there has been a resurgence in rumors about a new iPhone SE – originally a cheaper iPhone, which could launch in 2020. The problem is that Apple’s expensive devices are not selling, so the solution, it seems, is to go the budget. Learn more about iPhone SE 2

Huawei Mate X

Setting the standard for folding phones, the Huawei Mate X surprised many, throwing the Galaxy Fold into a shed when it was unveiled at MWC 2019. It has not been made available yet, but Huawei boss has said that we will see it till the end of September and it will run on Android. Learn More about Huawei Mate X

Moto Razr V4

Motorola’s Razr phone clamshell is a big hit, in four years it sold 130 million units and became the most-selling clamshell phone. Now Motorola Razr is back but now with a solid design and the price is around $ 1500!

As per the image display, it has a dual display with a secondary display on the center and the camera in the upper half of the back. It will play its simple and foldable OLED-based design for enhancing clamshell performance. There are also rumors that the manufacturer has also signed a deal with Verizon to distribute the device across the United States. Learn more about Motorola Razr V4

Apple iPhone X Fold

A render has also been made by a fan on Apple’s patent which looks great. It is will be 50% more expensive than other high-end foldable devices. However, all this information is rumored and makes us more curious about the foldable phone. Learn more about Apple iPhone X Fold

Xiaomi Mi Flex

Xiaomi is in the process of joining the list of brands with the phones being bundled with Xiaomi Mi Flex. Mi Flex will have dual display, a large screen, en in front, and a secondary display in the top back.

It will sport a triple camera setup, hidd, en earpiece, and pop-up selfie camera in a stunning design. It has an innovative design and a higher-end processor at more than half the price compared to other big brands. It will run on Android 9.0 and is expected to come with a price of $ 700. Learn more about Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex

Microsoft Andromeda Foldable Phone

Microsoft has reportedly been working on a pack for six years codenamed as Andromeda and it said that we will finally see it next year. The phone has a clamshell design with no buttons and comes with a nice button. just like the Surface laptop. It will be a smartphone/tablet hybrid with tablet performance by folding out and the smartphone by folding to half.Microsoft is also looking to upgrade its Windows platform for foldable devices and is planning some useful programs to work on both screens and packages. Learn more about Microsoft Folding

Nokia 10

Earlier this year we saw some smartphones like the Nokia 1020 and the Nokia 808 PureView camera with special cameras and some reports that next year we will see a 5G Nokia phone called Nokia. 10. According to the report, there will be a 5-megapixel camera next to the flashlight module. The X-ray showed the camera around Penta set up with a flash and a laser auto-focus sensor too.

It might sport a 20MP front-facing camera or dual rear camera. ZEISS Optics has been given the responsibility of camera lenses and this can be the best phone of 2020. Learn more about Nokia 10


Concluded 14 Best New Smartphones that are coming in 2020. That will be the most expensive model of 2020 as their features.This is my list of the newest phones of 2020 and we know you are excited about this product as well.

If you enjoy reading let us know what you think about the latest technology releases or what you would like to see on future smartphones.

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