Free Auto Refresh Page Script for Blogger and WordPress

Auto Refresh Page Script

Are you working on a live score website or a site like this and needs to be refresh after some time? How good it is the page will automatically refresh and visitors will see the updated value/data. The auto refresh page script is waiting for you. It’s a FREE javascript for your page with help of which your page or post can be reloaded after some time.

How to Use Auto Refresh Page script on your page?

How to use it in Blogger?

I have provided a javascript at the end of the article, you have to copy it and paste it into your blogger post or page. But keep in mind that you have changed your post editor into HTML view.

Put this code in that page which you want to be refreshed after a certain time.

How to use it in WordPress?

In case of wordpress there are two methods.

In case of Classic editor you have to switch into text view instead of visual view, and put the code at start or end of the page.

In case of gutenberg editor you have to select code widget and paste the following code in it and publish your post or page.

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How to Chage Time Interval?

The code is set auto-refresh after every 4 seconds, but if you want less or more time to be refreshed check the number in the body tag of the code and edit it accordingly (keep in mind 1 second = 1000).

 <script type = "text/JavaScript">
            function AutoRefresh( t ) {
               setTimeout("location.reload(true);", t);
   <body onload = "JavaScript:AutoRefresh(4000);">
      <p>This page will refresh every 4 seconds.</p>

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